Saturday, December 11, 2004

Boh Co. might have just sponsored me their tea products...

Was rummaging through my 'tea-box' ( where I store all my tea-bags) and found these:

1. Boh iced tea in lemon and lime

2. Boh jasmine tea

3. Borneo Rainforest Black tea, grown in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu, 100% pesticide-free

4. Ho Yan Hor green tea

5. Boh Seri Songket tea in Lychee and Rose

6. Ho Yan Hor ginseng tea ( alright, alright; just putting this to fill up the numbers so that my collection looks more impressive).

Ever since I've started putting thoughts in this blog, I find that I've been consuming more hot tea, downloading more mp3s on the net( though I suspected that downloading mp3s was the primary reason to why I started blogging), and reading more, crap and all.

So now, I consider myself contributing extensively to
1. the local tea industry (practically all the tea that I bought were planted locally)

2. the advertising industry- for entertaining most of the advertorial pop-ups while I'm downloading mp3s,

3. the music industry, (I would recommend ear-worthy songs to my friends)

4. the people who write both crap and worthy articles, by increasing their readership; and inadvertantly boosting their morale and ego to write more; in hopes that they would be able to produce something more worthy one day.

5. Above all, blogging gives me pleasure in writing about things I would not normally share with many people.

Plus, am enjoying that cool image of sitting in front of the laptop, with my steaming hot cup of tea and that cute IKEA table lamp that provides all the ambience.

Makes me look like a really cool editor of a travel magazine or some really professional freelance journalist covering minute-by-the-minute updates on Ukraine's general elections.

Vain, how vain indeed!


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