Monday, December 13, 2004 the best parents in the world, in Mars as well.

My 'Manolos'...well, close to. Posted by Hello

Listening to: Lisa Ono- Angel's Eyes
Tea: Ti Kuan Yin (Chinese)

My wonderful parents and my obedient brother ( I have no idea how else to describe him) came to town for a visit today!


And we went shopping!

Double Yay!!

Frankly, was feeling that commercialised-Christmas mood in the air today- buying Christmas gifts and receiving Christmas gifts, and a wonderful birthday gift too!

I simply must put a photograph of my birthday present from my parents. It took me a few shots to get the picture right- the angle, the view, the position of the shoes, hoping that I can achieve that straight-out-of-Jimmy-Choo-shoe-boutique-shot.

Well, this is it. My ohh-s0-sexy, ohh-so-sleeky, strappy, feminine LILAC (Pink to 90% of the guys) slip-ons.

I'm no fashionista. I don't remember the last time I bought a pair of shoes. Nevertheless, I am excited. Excited because I simply adored the shoes. Excited because being given to me by my parents meant that these shoes were to me as what Manolos would mean to Sarah Jessica Parker and that glass slipper to Cinderella.

Above all,

I am grateful to God.

To have blessed me with parents who just loved their children beyond bounds.
To have blessed me with parents that are more than just their children's financial providence.
To have blessed me with parents that planted ambitions and dreams to their children and allow them to pursue them.

"And I am still here, because you were there."- Babyface, You Were There.

Indeed I am here, because the Lord has blessed me with their presence(s)

Thank you, Ah Ba and Ah Ma.
You are indeed sources of inspirations to me.

I pray one day, that you will know the love that is greater than the love that you've given me.

The love that I want both of you to have.

The love of Christ Jesus.


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