Thursday, December 09, 2004

Ewkkk! Pweuk!!!

I thought I was being critical by commenting about UM's 'virtual achievement' by being on the 89th spot in top-universities list.

What an idiot.

Now, I loathe at the sight of other people jumping on the bandwagon of criticising UM without further thought nor reason.

I presume this is just the Malaysian way- when something goes wrong that causes us to reconsider our presuppossitions, we try so hard to shift the blame to anyone convenient to us.
That would be just about anyone, any institution, any party, any organisation or anything that happens to have some affiliation to the problem.

It is just like saying that the cup is 'useless' and 'stupid' just because the hot tea that it is holding, burnt your tongue while you're sipping it.


Back to the issue of UM-bashing. The standards, mediocre or not; are still man-made. We, the faculty administrative staff, the student's affairs department staff, the student leaders, the future academicians, teachers, leaders, corporate figures; are the ones that determine how the benchmark of exellence for our university is raised at the end of the day.

No point pointing fingers at the Vice Chancellor alone just because he happens to be the key figure of the university while we continue to be complacent and lazy.

A first-class university requires first-class mentality.

UM-bashing should not only be confined to merely a 3rd college mamak session topic over roti kosing and teh ais.

It will only be regarded as cheap gossip.


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