Saturday, December 04, 2004

It's the broadband's not the stone age...

Boy, am I hooked or what!

RM13 per month, 24hrs of surfing, 384whatever of connection speed, whatever that means as long as my vocabulary tells me it's fast

I am fast becoming the last person I thought I would be, well second-last if you count in the President of United States of America, well third-last if...

Oh, what the heck!

The point is, an Internet junkie.

It's a contagious disease, I'm telling you.
It creeps up to you the moment you switch on Kazaa.
Then, it devours all your usual tv hours as you get excited getting hold of all the free mp3 downloads that you've been dreaming of all this while.
Next thing you know, you start a blog spot to keep up with the trends of 'multi- tasking'
while you watch the figures of downloading speed go from 5% of completion to 100% in a matter of minutes.
You are in awe, you are almost in tears as you click 'play' with your faithful mouse. And you have never known just how useful this mouse can be when it comes to clicking, in search of more mp3s.
Suddenly, the first note strikes.
A song is at play.

You sit back, you are at lost for words.

The next 4 minutes is magic.

Your blog spot takes a back seat.

You are left dreamy-eyed (or rather, eared)

The disease...has got you. But hey, what a disease. what a disease!


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