Saturday, December 18, 2004

Lessons I learnt from reading comic...and more.-Part 2

"I thought so, too." Posted by Hello

Love- one of the most beautiful words in the English Language, according to a survey by British Council done recently.

It is no less like a rose,
Beautiful but armed with thorns,
Exquisite, yet withers easily.

Falling in love is never easy. Falling out is even trickier.
One would fall deep-and hard.
And get hurt.

I imagine myself being there. What if 'he' whom I have built a world upon suddenly leaves me?
Would it be easy to shrug off and walk away?

"But I desperately needed to try."

"It'll work. I'll change. Nothing would come between us."

But something did. It was not big, not small.

But it was there. And it does not ask to be dismissed with a mere shrug.

I toiled. I cried. I lamented to God. I tried.

And I quit.

'He' is no longer for me. No longer here...

"What if I had taken more steps? Didn't I try? Didn't we try?"

It didn't matter. We lost it.

But, we didn't lose God. In sadness, we seek Him.
In weakness, we find Him.
And the greatest consolation is not that we will find Him,
but that He first found us.

A reflection on whose heartbreak is known of.


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