Friday, December 31, 2004

Recap 2004

Listening to: Summer Samba-Bebel Gilberto, a nice touch of Bossa Nova to end the evening and the year...

"If this year had passed you by with no tears, no laughter; consider the year wasted."
- John, Ally Mcbeal.

Well, at least I can say that my year has not been wasted.

The year that passed-

Hope once reached for the skies
In search of Desire,
Alas! It is but a breathe of air,
Without touch nor taste
Nor even near sight.

Hope wanders,
Seemingly lost;
But his existence
Tells him to press on;

He fears;
Not of his solitude,
But of his dying glow
Burning brightly til now,
A shameful flicker remains.

But Hope was not lost;
Patience prevails from her shadows;
Ever gentle, yet so strong,
She held fragile Hope,
Salvaging the last of him

In his dying breathe,
He called on Desire
But no call was heed,
Not even a sound was heard.

The end is here,
His days are over,
He feels death,
Yet He was not lost.

He was home
In the arms of Patience,
Heart of Obedience
And in the centre,
His Lord.

He finds he is no more alone,
For he finds preciousness
In sheer beauty and wonder
A marvelous thing called Faith.

Have a wonderful New Year ahead.


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