Friday, January 21, 2005

Reading Pilgrim's Progress when my mid-semester tests are just around the corner is really a sweet suicide.

Pilgrim's Progress is like a mini travel guide, only that it does not merely highlight the places of interest in which, travellers get to choose whether or not to visit; but rather, places that one would certainly encounter; as one embark on this meaningful process call Journey.

As this Journey mirrors the teachings of the Bible, so does it mirror our journey to God. Even as we are armed with His promise, we may find ourselves travelling alone most of the time. Sometimes, in the midst of being alone, one can't help but to feel Lonely; and at times so compelling, that it is enough to strike a deep longing for a physical presence of companionship.

In Pilgrim's Progress, Christian, the protagonist; begins his Journey by travelling alone, in every way similar to our own Journey respectively. Along the way, he encounters many travellers alike, few being like-minded with him to be on this journey while most,try to tempt him from following faithfully the path that is set before him.
But Faithful is sent to him, and is given a physical personality in which, as the name suggested, brings Christian delight in accompanying him.

Even so because Faithful helped Christian to get back on his feet; just as in all ways that the Faith that we have, though not personified; is not only present with us, but sets us upon a firm foundation that our Journey is worthwhile. Nevertheless, the physical presence of Companionship is just as exciting and comforting to a lonely Traveller as ever.

Somehow, as I imagined the Companionship that both Christian and Faithful enjoy in each other, this song came to mind and I gather that Christian would have very much liked to sing to Faithful; as a token of a appreciation for this heaven-sent companion of his, amid in a very contemporary sense:)

Coz you were there
When no one was
Just when I thought nobody cared
You showed me love
Coz you were my friend
You always told me that
And I am still here
Because you were there.

-You were there, Babyface.

"Then said Christian aloud, Ho, ho, So-ho; stay, and I will be your Companion...but not taking good heed to his feet, he suddenly stumbled and fell, and could not rise again, until Faithful came up to help him."

Truly, I say, Friendship is a wondrous gift; but Companionship is even better, for it constitutes the wondrous giving between two people.

Pilgrims, let us then be each other's companion; travelling together on this Journey which is set before us.

Just as Faithful is to Christian.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A light breeze was blowing over the mountains in the very early morning when the King and Grace and Glory came, just before sunrise, to the Mountain of Calamus, where the spices of gentleness were cultivated. As they approached the slopes of this mountain they heard a soft, musical sound like the murmur of water on far-off seas. This music became more audible the nearer they approached, and definite cadences became distinguishable, as though a very soft but lovely song was being played by a great multitude of sweet-toned instruments performing in exquisite harmony.

Thy gentleness hath made me great
And I would gentle be
Tis love that plans my lot, not fate
Lord, teach this grace to me
When gales and storms thy love doth send
That I with joy may meekly bend

Thy servants must not strive nor fight
But as their Master be
'Tis meekness wins, not force nor might
Lord, teach this grace to me
Though others should resist my love
I may be gentle as a dove

[Extracted from "Mountain of Spices" by Hannah Hurnard]

Another great book that u should read if u like Pilgrim's Progress :)

Love lots,
Teh C kosong panas kecil

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