Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tehtarik's Complain Centre- Complaint #1

I find I cannot please everybody, well anybody for that matter.

The trouble with standards (apart from standards on morality) is that, everybody is entitled to their own opinion and you can't possibly wrong anybody from that.

I rephrase that.

If the contemporary society has different viewpoints on even on standards of morality, what more can I say on the different expectations that one has to meet to be little-miss-perfect?

How many times have I been conveniently become an object of scrutiny? Hmmm...

1. On wearing t-shirt and jeans for a movie.
"Why can't you wear something that guys don't wear- a skirt for instance?"

2. On dressing up a tiny bit for a nice dinner hosted by a friend.
"Wah?! Where do you think you are going to? Kin ming sing ah?( Off to see a movie star?)
Is that make-up?! (No, it isn't.)

3. On making small talk.
"You know you have a funny way of communicating. Why can't you be more
appreciative?" (The relevance of the second line is still open for questions)

4. On being single.
"You know, you probably would have found someone if you
a) are not so 'cool'
b) are not so cocky
c) stop burrowing yourself
behind some book.
d) stop acting as if you are
smarter than some guy

5. On burdens and responsibilities.
"You know, you don't have to do everything by yourself."

6. On giving opinions.
"Girls shouldn't give too many opinions."

7. On NOT giving opinions.
"If got opinion, say lar; why keep quiet? I thought you banyak opinion wan."

8. On not earning any pocket money during the holidays.
"Yeah, daddy's girl what. Can get anything by just snapping her fingers."

9. On not keeping up with latest trends.
"Why must you act differently from the normal crowd?"

10. On sarcastic remarks made in a good-natured way (Or so I thought)
"Why can't you be more sensitive? You should've been more appreciative."

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. *Sigh*

It is so ironic how we do not feel pressure as intensely, being subjected to God's perfection but succumb to Man's(sinners, too!) silly expectations on ourselves.

Wonder if God finds this amusing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got sumthg to complain(haha):

Why get so fidgety abt things others say when half of the time they dont mean it (saying it just to irritate u/jz for conversation sake/out of jealousy,evil intentions.) My fren, it's wat God says thru His word and thru ppl/circumstances dat are worth listening too. How 2 know the difference? Wisdom my dear!

da gal who'll lend u 'kaki palsu' :P

10:40 AM  
Blogger tehtarik said...

Hi, 'kaki palsu' lender,:)
Thanks for the constructive reminder, and also for the offer! Though, I suspect that my legs won't be in use for the time being; in this area of interest. *nudge, nudge*

5:00 PM  

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