Sunday, February 20, 2005


During dinner, Jacksaid and the enigmatic David suddenly had an idea of venturing into entrepreneurship, by starting a company dedicating itself to solve the woes of singlehood of aplenty- a matchmaking company.

Coincidently, I was just contemplating this evening about how I would 'advertise' myself should I be desperate enough to resort to the 2nd last option there is to put a 'death' to my singlehood. (chuckle!)

The last resort, would be to register to Jacksaid and the enigmatic David's matchmaking company and end up with some Cinapek who wears thick, black-rimmed Ah Beng glasses, singlet and checkered shorts on dates, speaks in 'Engrish', sits with one of his leg up on the chair and gives me kuaci in place of chocolates on Valentine's Day.

Oh no. Better come up with a write-up to the classifieds.

"Wanted: Man. May consider him to be the father of my future kids. Preferably with the following features-Antonio Banderas' eyes, Tom Cruise's nose and Richard Gere's smile so that I can have good-looking kids. Must be good-looking. Nothing but good looks will do. Did I say he must be good-looking?

Sounds very predator-y. Must sound more submissive.

"Young, lonely lady waiting for suitors' proposal of hand in marriage. Will not initiate any moves. Please find me. Don't ask me how. That's a man's job."

Reminds me of the joke where a Christian was rejected by both camps of Arminians and Calvinists because to the Calvinists, he said, "I came by free will." And to the Arminians, "I was sent here." Both ways just don't work!

Well, I guess the all- time winner goes to...

p/s: Check out the man gawking...hehe

And no, I will still not resort to Jacksaid and the enigmatic David's matchmaking company for help.

"What are you waiting for?"
"Divine intervention..." - John, from the movie Shall We Dance?

Jacksaid and the enigmatic David are 'marketing' China girls by dozens- future wives, anyone?


Blogger Jack The LOT{B}R said...

Pls don't exclude my dear partner, Santiago Cruz. Do give him the credit as co-Founder of the enterprise. Btw, registration fees are exempted for the ladies, 'What are you waiting for?'


12:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an entry....and me, being that 'silent' witness of the conversation can only menggeleng kepala as i observed the excitement sunking in to jacksaid as ideas upon ideas keep coming into his head.

Ideniably, match-making business should make good money in today's time esp in countries like singapore :P

Ironically, that phrase "What are you waiting for?" caught my eye on a bunting right across me when i was just sitting waiting for a friend to arrive at stephen tong's.

It hadn't left me got me thinking.


11:36 AM  
Blogger Ennie said...

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5:34 PM  
Blogger Ennie said...

The men are desparate to stop women from being single. Either they are worried they themsleves will be single (as a result of women choosing to be single) or they can't stand to see successful single women.
Haha...I wonder what makes Jacksaid & Co different from any other matchmaking agencies.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


We provide a comprehensive package that will guarantee u blissfullness without having to worry about petty procedures at each station of ur life. Other than matchmaking, which by the way is based on expert (from UM, number 89 in the world, mind u) mathematician's calculation of probability in match and success rate, we provide also;

1. Legal services for marriage (and if applicable, later on, divorce)
2. Property/real estate purchase consultations with professional mortgage officers.
3. Events planning/organizing for anything; engagement party,bridal shower, bachelor party, wedding, birthday, "moon yut"(full moon), anniversaries, religious events (christian only - baby baptism, confirmation etc), funeral.
4. Image/Fashion consultation, you can ask bohtea, we've got taste.
5. Tuition center (collaboration with Deryk!)

Those are all our services for the time being. When you enrol in our matchmaking service, you wil be required to pay a small membership fee (reminder: Women exempted) that will enable you to enjoy a life-long service by Jacksaid, Pek & Co. Do give us your feedbacks as to what other services that you think neccessary for us to provide in order to enhance our commitment to meet your satisfaction. Remember,

We don't just stop at One Date. We are there for every other dates in your life.And no, we do not envy your success. Rather, we hope to be there for you by minimizing your stress on the other things in life. Cheers~


7:30 PM  
Blogger full time bummer said...

Wow, what a post! anyway my dear jacksaid and the enigmatic david, didn't know you all have lotsa wild ideas and of all things, match making? Can trust or not? Boleh pakai kah? Btw I'm a lonely guy in need of a good company/s (p.s. no guys k, only females...). Just send me the list of females with their descriptions eg personality, age, hobbies etc. I'm counting on both of you...

8:44 PM  

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