Sunday, March 27, 2005


It is Easter morning -light broke in.

Jesus was resurrected on this glorious day.

The victory is won. The wages of sin has been paid. The defeat of Satan is done with.

There is much to be rejoiced today.

However, let us not forget the mute and the lame, the oppressed and the weak, the persecuted and the poor.

And listen to the cries for help around us.

The rape case of Mukhtar Mai

Do we hear her weep?

Raped by 4 men in her village, supposedly to pay the 'debts' of her 12-year-old brother's alleged affair with an older woman of a higher chaste in Pakistan. Her father and brother stood amongst 150 men outside the hut while they heard her scream for help. None of them responded for her plea of mercy. Now, fighting for the acquittal of the men to be charged for that heinous crime, she toils, weeps and stands in the face of anguish and humiliation every day as she retells her story, so that no woman would have to be sacrificed in the name of 'honour'. The messy Pakistani legal system is making her journey even more difficult to go through. The acquitted men- those who must have been her neighbours, friends of her brother and her father were released before, only to be rearrested recently on the orders of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. They would be detained until the Supreme Court decides the final appeal.
Let us pray that the Supreme Court lives up to the purpose of its existence this time.

The Terri Schiavo case

Whose voice is actually hers?

The battle continues, for both her death and her life. Her parents are fighting to keep her from death, even if it means for her life to be solely dependent on the feeding tube. Her husband is fighting to give her an end to the pain she has been going through for the past 15 years- by letting her slip into death through starvation when the feeding tube is removed. Both have argued that they were representing the voice of Terri Schiavo. Now, the Congress of the United States of America claimed to be her voice too. The Supreme Court of Florida has rejected an appeal from Terri's parents to keep her daughter alive. The end has begun, but the legal wrangle continues. What happens when euthanasia is continually justified with 'hoping to give their loved ones a painless death'? Where is the line drawn between the independence of the country's judiciary system and legislative system? Who defines the quality of Life?

Some observations made-
2 countries- One, with a well-structured legal system, another virtually has none. But both ended up being tangled in the complexity of justice and honour.
2 women- One screamed and shouted. Many heard, but few listened. Another has too many voices speaking up for her. Nobody knows which voice to listen to.
2 high-profile cases. What about those who are fighting without the media's publicity, the Government's aide and the support of their loved ones?

I am reminded by the Man who also suffered great injustice and was condemned to death more than 2000 years ago. The Man who was sacrificed so that sinners like us could live. The Man whom men cried out 'valiantly' for His death. The Man who was "oppressed and afflicted, yet opened not His mouth, as He was being led as a lamb to the slaughter"- Isaiah 53:7

The Man who is also God.

He has cleansed our sins once and for all, so that we who live, can now have true LIFE.

As we rejoice, let us also remember.

And listen to the cries for help around us.