Sunday, March 13, 2005


"Why do you think you should be allowed to have more pocket money than your older brother?"
"Because I think I ought to be compensated for having to sleep next to him for the past 11 years!"

-Cory, an 11-year-old boy, discussing his rights with his parents; taken from "Boy Meets World"

I have been sharing my room with my sister for the past 19 years. Let me count the compensation I deserve...:)
Like other siblings, we share a love-hate relationship. Not that 'hate' is a hate word in the same sense, but there were indeed some good ol' times of pillow fighting, hair-pulling, near-strangling- one would have thought that we were enemies living under the same roof!

Despite the subtantial amount of violence that has been part of the input of our upbringing, I must say that my sister has given me much to be joyful about of this life. Even as I am trying to do her justice by hoping to whip up a write-up about her that would increase her 'market share', I find myself, being more compelled to write about her in a more child-like manner.

I am after all, her little sister.

So, in a clumsy manner; this is what I think of my sister.

My sister is a fearsome tigress.
She's is fiercely protective of me, to the extent that it is highly speculated that this protection she has for me has driven a number of potential suitors away.

My sister is my Hector, when I am the foolish Paris.
She believes that she holds the exclusive rights to act as a big bully against me. She would not,however, in any manner; withstand anyone who is trying to utilise this copyright. She stands up for me, whenever I am wobbling at kneepoint; even if it means facing ugly confrontations, duels and swordfights.

My sister teaches me to sing "la-la-la" in the face of worries.
I tend to care for unnecessary details so much that I end up being sick for worrying. She always manages to knock some sense into me in discerning which is worth gold and which is worth sand when burdens become too heavy for my small shoulders; and pushes me to let go when all I've been carrying are merely sand.

My sister is my army commander.
She teaches me the times when I should use WMD (Weapons for Mass Destruction) ie flare my temper, 'retreat' or 'attack'; to ward off potential bullies if she were not by my side; since I have mentioned earlier that she holds exclusive rights to acting as one against me. Our chief commander is however, God; therefore we are constantly at His mercy to refrain us from abusing our 'powers'.

My sister saves my money on postage to "Aunt Agony" by being one.
She is my most trusted counsellor and I would listen to her advice first, before I turn to anybody else for a second opinion; which by the way; is usually redundant for she gives first-class advice, anyway.

My sister is my partner in crime.
We make a fine collaboration when it comes to performing pranks on our friends. She is a master planner, a fine voice-impersonator and an efficient coordinator while I would usually take up the role of a "I-don't-know-anything" stand-in. We did pull out some classic pranks on our beloved friends, much to their chagrin- that we are bestowed with the nickname "The horri-gi-ble, terri-gi-ble and veggie-table Yong sisters". Such recognition!:)

Having read the roles that she play in my life, it is little wonder why she deserves special mention in bohtea. She is CHARMING, SMART and TERRIBLY WITTY and a linguist on par with L.M Montgomery.

She loves children, and has an amazing testimony on how she is called to work with special children. She writes, in my opinion; better than I do- having won several essay-writing competitions in school, that illustrated her passion for writing. One can view her classics in her blog, in which she dedicates to the development of the children that she worked with and also in the field that she is currently pursuing. She is God-fearing, attends church regularly and works actively in the Christian Fellowship of her campus. And, she is single... (offers must come with my approval, please stipulate time and date for interview appointment)

But, seriously...
Ji (how I address my sister sometimes),
Though more often than not, the best thank-yous were never in words; nevertheless, I am overwhelmed by the support that you have given me, the rebukes that you have waken me up with, the patience for tolerating my unnecessary grumbles and criticism, the long and lonely hours of prayers; for a change of heart in me to turn to Him, the courage you displayed in a world of cowardice, the strength in times of weakness, and most of all; the love in which you have showered upon me with great generosity.

I'm everything I am, because you loved me.

Here's to the most wonderful sister in the world.


Blogger fooji said...

wow, that is so sweet.

The best gift would be a similar tribute from my sister. But then again, I wasn't a good elder guide and sibling like Ennie.

Agree with most of what you say about your dear Sister.... especially that toothless tiger thing.

12:13 AM  

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