Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Onward, Women.

Flipping through a purchase-wise over-rated women magazine, one can't help but to have that longing to look as beautiful as the women featured in the glossy pages. If Fantasy were to be symbolically represented by a doe-eyed woman with flowing tresses of silky hair and rose-red lips; then Reality would be at its palest in comparison- plain, colourless and downright monotonous.

However, most women would reckon themselves as 'plain' and 'monotonous', although they should not be confused with being 'ugly' and 'unattractive'. It is with this perception that women have upon themselves that causes them to be easily overwhelmed by their insecurities, especially when they come face-to-face with another whose beauty is equivalent to the sparkle of a diamond, sitting next to a pale pink amethyst, which in my humble opinion; is actually quite a pretty stone, but definitely lacking behind when it comes to shine and sparkle.

Thus, women seek ways to 'improve' their looks and even 'hide' what is being looked at as 'defects' on their faces, by virtually wiping any vanity products that promises 'miraculous' results off the shelves, lining up outside a designer store for 2 days straight just to have that bag which is touted as a 'must-have' of the season or going under the knife to make significant facial alterations so that they too can have the eyes of Miss Lopez and the nose of Miss Kidman. All these with the hopes, if not to look like a sought-after supermodel; to at least boost one's morale and confidence when given a second glance upon walking in the streets; even if they cost them the GDP of a country.

Now, buying vanity products to enhance one's beauty is not the subject of dispute here. Neither am I trying to refute women that don't mind paying through their noses to buy designer products. What baffles me most, is when intelligent women actually buy the Idea of a Woman, defined recklessly by the media, whose primary intentions are of profit-generating ones. Thus, we find ourselves being confined to a stereotypical definition of an empowered woman- one who has the high-flying career, the well-tailored power suit, the black sedan and the in-season make-up.

Yet, the essence of an advanced and empowered woman is not dictated by outward appearance, but rather a consistent pattern of consciousness and effort to recognise strengths and feminity for the upholding of a society. Our ignorance towards exploitation of women workforce, discrimination against women in education and employment, the vulnerability of women towards AIDS and the acts of disarming a country's defence through the raping of women during wars only signify how we are advancing backwardly- which negatives the whole idea of women empowerment.

The downfall of the advancement of women begins exponentially when women who are given opportunities to education and knowledge make hoo-hahs over the latest anti-wrinkle cream in the market but keep mum when other women are being sold into sex slavery in other countries.

If we were really sincere in empowering ourselves, we ought to start thinking critically on issues that affect us- being women in the first place.

The question is, are we even thinking?

( Coincidently, a ministrial meeting on the advancement of women would be held from the 7th-10th of May in Putrajaya- should be noteworthy to observe where women today are heading)


Blogger tehtarik said...

Women in Kuwait has much to be rejoiced about, now that they hold the rights to vote.

Though this priviledge has been delayed for too long, at least, all hopes and sacrifices made by the forerunners for this right can now see fruit being bore.

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