Tuesday, August 23, 2005


"What is truth?"

"Truth is dead."
"Truth is relative."
"Truth is anything but true."

In a world where Truth merely adds flavour to everyday conversations on the everyday things in Life, we find ourselves seeking less and less of Truth and more and more of what brings entertainment value to us- "Never mind if it is a bag of lies, give us anytime!" So the devil whispers to our ears, and our conscience cheers with sick anticipation.

What is left of us? Nothing but rotting flesh and the lingering stench of human ego, which feeds upon the foolishness of men into thinking that Truth is to be conquered and possessed with the reasoning of our feeble minds. Yet, men are in their most pitiful state when they wander in the world with their empty minds- minds that are already contented with mere textbook knowledge on technicalities and newspaper headlines.

Our universities cry out their woes- "Where are the pillars that were once so strong and certain?" "Where are our laureates and scholars?" "Where have the voices that sing, shout, holler, cry or whisper the great minds of men and women gone to?" Our capabilities have thus, become our disabilities- we have mouths that will not speak, ears that will not listen, eyes that will not see; minds that will not think. We walk out of our universities empty, despite being stuffed with the best vocational skills; we are starved from what is most necessary to Life- Truth.

Tell me, do we no longer care about Truth, prevailed in all the principle truths; be it in mathematics, accountancy, law or science? Do we no longer care about literature, philosophy, arts and history? Do we no longer care for ideas and the consequences that they have over Truth? Do we no longer have an avenue to think?

Do we no longer THINK?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"i feel, therefore i am..."

Those who choose to ignore the Truth, dismiss it as unimportant and impractical, or deal with it in a superficial manner have, at the end of the day, nothing to gain but everything to lose.

If i may use the analogy, it is akin to hurling a BIG boomerang into the sky, while not knowing how to catch it when it returns.

When we go through a personal financial crisis, lose a loved one, is stricken with an incurable disease or become victim to an unavoidable natural disaster,... these are the times when the big boomerang hits us hard. Real hard.

10:10 PM  
Blogger The Hedonese said...

We need some Back to School kit like this:


2:14 PM  
Blogger Sze Zeng said...

Hey tea, nice blog... timely to your school. Print it out and give away.

Thanks hedonis for the site... have some idea what to teach the young ones.

p/s: tea, read some cleo, female, and V-mag

6:15 PM  
Blogger Aronil said...

Hey girl long time i havne't taken a peek here.

Sad to see human beings interest does not spand much unless it is related with themselves at times.
Taken from a Neo-Marxist stand, where our mind is only seeking for something to profit ourselves.

In some sense philosophy and art is dead because none of is bothered with anymore. Worse still that it becomes repeated subjects just by mouth for the sake of repetition. And when spoken is only with empty meaning, al these quotes, philosophy and what have you.

Yes why do we choose to ignore them and Truth which has become empty in social meaning.

9:23 PM  

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