Saturday, September 17, 2005


Christ Seminar has been receiving overwhelming support whether in words of encouragement, or in prayers ever since its inception.

Yet, Christ Seminar must have both its 'feet' planted into Christ the Solid Rock, before it is to set itself on a venture to plant similar models in other universities. It is safe to say that, Christ Seminar is still very much in its infancy, and the people working behind it are experimenting with various models; as so to provide an avenue for university students to engage in real issues with honest answers in a local setting.

Nonetheless, your prayers and encouragements have been the little lamps that lighted our hearts and we do appreciate these 'lamps' very much.

We are not expecting a surge of the Malaysian Church to Passion Cafe, we forbid ourselves to go in line with that thought, even! Yet, we welcome friends, well-wishers; particularly Christian university students to join us for an insightful afternoon.

Do send us a mail at if you would like us to expect your participation on that day. We would be limiting places, as so to be able to engage with one another in a comfortable setting. A small fee of RM5 would be charged for tidbits served during the session.
(Many thanks to Passion Cafe for their generosity in hosting us)

Fret not; those who would be missing the 8 Oct 2005 session, presentation papers would be available at Christ Seminar Online thereafter, for your theological and interaction pleasures.