Sunday, October 02, 2005

Join Us.

Christ Seminar is only 5 days away. Thought I give it another run of promotion.

It began with a vision- to see university students rise up to speak, to echo and to defend Truth, which is otherwise; dying among men and women of the present age.Confronted by a serious intellectual drain and appreciation for Truth in the campus culture, a group of Christian students in University of Malaya, Malaysia decided to meet to probe into tough questions, ideas and issues about Truth, Life and Christianity.

These are university students who are passionate and concerned for the pursuit of knowledge and conveying messages of the Truth, the Way and the Life to the campus community at large.In a seemingly confusing world where false ideologies and principles continue to uproot Truth itself, it is in the hopes of these students to present not the alternative ways to lead a purposeful Life through the philosophies of men, but to reintroduce the true meaning of Life through the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ Himself.

Today, Christ Seminar continues to establish its role in challenging students to rethink, reconsider and to be reformed in their quest for Truth and Life.Come join us for the first of the exciting series of Real Radical Reformation- Refuting Robert Funk's 21 Theses-

Topic: The God of the Bible
Presenter: Joshua Woo
Date: 8 October 2005
Venue: Passion CafeTime: 1 pm (after lunch)
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Juice-bits about the presenter: Joshua Woo is a friend and comrade to Christ Seminar. Despite being at a young age (only in his early twenties), he is a promising up-and-coming apologist and enjoys engaging in a theological debate or two, all the better if philosophy is thrown in. He is currently residing in Singapore and attending Orchard Road Presbyterian Church.

Sneak preview: Robert Funk of Jesus Seminar, in his 1st of the 21 theses to refute Christian doctrines- "The God of the metaphysical age is dead. There is not a personal god out there external to human beings and the material world. We must reckon with a deep crisis in god talk and replace it with talk about whether the universe has meaning and whether human life has purpose.

"Is God merely an idea desperately clinged onto by these 'Christian zealots'?


"A God who is active within his world, who feeds the young ravens when they called upon him, who could be trusted to act more specifically on behalf of Israel, to overthrow pagan power at the political and the false gods of the nations; whose vindication of his people, liberating them finally from all their oppressors, would also be the vindication of His own name and reputation; whose justification of His people led to He himself be justified and in Whose righteousness, His covenantal faithfulness, His people would find their own?" - N.T Wright, Jesus and The Identity of God.

"Let's go exploring!"- Hobbes to Calvin, in the final Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.