Thursday, November 03, 2005


bohtea was first conceived with reflections for private readership in mind. While the blog was inadvertantly exposed- to much chagrin of the administrator; she must admit that her spiritual growth would have suffered much delay, if not for the seasoned-with-salt comments and critiques made by friends in and out of this humble interactive space.

Previously, bohtea was 'governed' with intuitive flow as the introduction of the blog suggested-'if she could smell a storm brewing nearby'. Yet, the administrator also notices a paradoxical restriction of writings in it. Her guesses would be that perhaps, a sense of 'strict censorship' was unconsciously developed in this blog, thus providing a safe, cushioned playground of thought rather than an open space wide enough for flying kites of intellect without having one getting tangled with another. More importantly, a space wide enough for fumbles.

Hence, it was only apt for bohtea to be reconstructed- presenting not only answers to questions which the administrator had previously painstakingly endured before arriving to a particular blog entry, but also with questions- hopefully contagious enough to keep both the administrator and readers something to ponder over tea. The administrator is also toying with the idea of putting in some stumbling rocks for decoration!

Perhaps, speaking or rather, writing in abstract and metaphorical terms are both distracting and confusing- not that the administrator could help it. With much excitement, the administrator outlined a more definite structure of this blog as such-

1) Theological reflections- what would bohtea be without this? It is in the hopes of the administrator to include a theological perspective to every issue encountered as a consciousness of delight and pleasure in the Lord, as well as highlighting pressing concerns for her Father's world, both in Word and in deed.

2) Reading reviews- One cannot engage without ideas, ideas cannot be conceived without knowledge and knowledge cannot be gained without the interest of intellectual pursuit- which is in reading, if not only reading. bohtea hopes to journal questions and thoughts gathered from the various encounters with reading materials that she can get her hands on and perhaps, even open up space for exchange of opinions on ideas discussed in books read.

3) Noteworthy mentions- rare mentions of where the administrator have been or going to be, if not sitting behind the computer, as though to indicate that her world is measured by 70cm x 40cm. This would only revolve Christian events, Malaysian jazz gigs and perhaps, photo essays of subjects that raise the attention of the administrator.

The blog administrator dreams to be paid to do this, but so far; her dreams have been futile and she still toils with her calculator, edging towards becoming a tax-collector by day. Yet, bohtea is not a mere outlet for occasional ramblings but rather, a sphere of learning, away from text-book knowledge; in which she prays, if God willing; equips her to her calling but most importantly; enables her to enhance her worship to God.

A whole new level of commitment is therefore required for it. Perhaps, the administrator has to substitute tea with more coffee. Yet, if this sanctifies, if this brings upon renewal of the mind and conduct, so it shall be that we "put on the new man which was created according to God, in righteousness and true holiness."

Soli Deo Gloria.