Thursday, January 26, 2006

bohtea sings "Holiday"

*photograph of Sipadan Island, Sabah- courtesy of

Unfortunately, you wouldn't find bohtea sunning herself here. Nevertheless, she will have sun (though not the island kind of sun) and she will have fun (though not the island kind of fun). As you are reading this now, she may still be starring dreamily at this picture, just like you.

It is not an intention to spoil your holiday mood for spending it in a place seemingly lesser, rather; it is a loving reminder that however mundane your hometown may seem to be, there is still no place quite like home.

There are indeed some of you, however; that may not be able to go home at all. bohtea says to you, "Then be at home, wherever you are".

Have a good holiday this Chinese New Year.


Blogger kakikopi said...

*drip drip drip*
the sound of air liur meleleh...

2:51 PM  

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