Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Grand Finale

“It is like a man standing at the cliff, looking at the roaring seas below and making that jump towards the murky waters. He plunges into the sea, with his arms stretched forward and his hands clasped together. His body pierces the water and down, down, down he goes. As he goes deeper and deeper into the sea, the waters are murkier and murkier until light is completely gone and he faces only absolute darkness. He kicks with all his strength, and at last, reaches the sea bed and grabs the pearl in his hand. Then, he makes a turn and kicks with all his might towards the surface of the sea and towards the light. Up he goes, where the light becomes brighter and brighter with each kick. He pushes himself out of the gleaming waters, lifting his hand that held the precious pearl. And there he is, triumphant, with his feat; as the sun continues to shine on his face- exalted for the ultimate act of glory”.

- Bruce Milne, on the imagery of Christ being exalted, for the completion of the work on the Cross.


Blogger antiterrorist said...

it's a good illustration of the great parabola of Scripture :)

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