Friday, May 19, 2006

The kingdom that was not.

Dan Brown is one lucky man- to be able to reap all that gold and power from the conspiracy theories not unheard of ever before. One wonders if Arian were smiling from his grave today, celebrating that sweet victory of making Jesus mere mortal at last.

Controversies always sell. Which is why, sex sells. Political scandals sell. Stories of Presidents’ shaken morality sell. Even National Geographic Society knows the marketability of controversies well enough to make full use of them.

But, why that great lure of controversies? Because controversies generate power. And Man crave for that power, although we must not presume that Man’s desire to have power is a most unnatural desire. God made Man to have dominion over all land and waters, and everything that lives on them and in them- making them intuitively, leaders.

But, Man fell hard into Sin. And tainted all desires with perversion- in a similar way how a droplet of ink made a glass of water murky almost immediately. No one escapes of this dirt which embodies them. And certainly, not James and John, Jesus’ disciples.

N. T. Wright spoke of battling the powers of the world- anything with the suffixes –ism. And the story in Mark 10 was told. James and John wanted the seats of glory with Jesus. In other words, they thought they could overthrow the Romans and rule their days’ kingdom with Him. But Jesus said it should not be so among them. He was not the political leader they had assumed He was.

When Pontius Pilate questioned Jesus what He had done to rouse the Jews’ anger, Jesus answered him that His Kingdom was not from this world. To put it simply, His Kingdom is not to be anything like the present powers of the world. And we have seen enough on the rise and fall of the powers of this world, haven’t we?

Now, the message that Wright gave was precise, even in cue with the DVC’s release. When Jesus the Man-God, being crucified; said that it was finished- it was as though God said on the sixth day of creation said, “It is finished- and it is good”. Creation is at its rightful order, and with Jesus’ reiteration, new creation is once again at its rightful order.

Which is why, we do not combat the powers of the world with the ways the power of the worlds have. The Templar Knights made the mistake. Constantine made the mistake. The Jews made the mistake. The earthly kingdom is not the Kingdom of Heaven and never should it be an equivalent to the latter in the first place.

Therefore, while DVC continues to mock Christians and entice mockery from the world on Christianity (just like that bright red apple hanging on the tree), there will not be flag burnings, bloodbaths and shouts of sending infidels to hell. There should not be.

Christians will allow themselves to be spat at, jeered at, and forced to crawl on hard ground-just as Jesus had. Our defense is to disarm, not enarmour. Our attack is not physical, but spiritual and intellectual.

Again, Dan Brown is one lucky man. But only for the moment- a tiny speckle of eternity.


Blogger The Hedonese said...

ya, thanks to Dan Brown... Gnosticism has finally seen the sun again heheh... Marcion and valentinius may be laughing in their grave. But not Arius, i suspect, cos he believes Jesus is more than a mortal... the 'firstborn' of creation like an archangel of sorts... tat was the real issue at the Nicene council

4:08 PM  
Blogger tehtarik said...

Thanks for the correction!

9:42 PM  

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