Friday, July 14, 2006


I believe that Man is made with a sense of purpose. Whether we believe in a purposeful God or not does not diminish our hunger to know what we are here for. Yet, living with a purpose can be merely as superficial as living for promotions and material wealth. But, I cannot say the same about another when he claims that he lives for the person whom he loves dearly.

There is nothing superficial about living and laying down lives for loved ones. Buddhism abhors emotional attachment to anything of this world, including human relationships. But, what of it? Man are made to be relational beings.

The noun “I’ is only made meaningful with references to “You” or “He”, “She” and “It”. All of us are someone else’s daughter, son, cousin, mother, father, sister or brother. Relationships are what make us humans. Religion- even in its plurality is more sociological than it is philosophical. That is why; there is no religion in this world that is embraced alone. No mosque is built for one person and no temple has only one kneeling mat.

Yet, living for a person is not the highest pursuit that Man ought to find fulfilling. A purpose that stops short at loving the created would be idolatry in nature. A purpose that demands one to love another in order for that very same person to gain meritorious acknowledgement negates true love in any sense. And the biggest flaw in meritorious acknowledgement is the attachment that the doer has for it, which is abhorred upon in the first place.

What we need rather, is a deeper understanding of purposeful loving. Loving the person is meaningless if we do not know why we ought to love the person at all. Charity is even more meaningless for it would have meant that we ought to love someone whom others have considered not worth loving at all.

However, when we begin to understand that loving our neighbours as ourselves is actually a deeper reflection of love towards God, our Creator; our disposition at loving others begins to fall into the right places. Our love, therefore; is no longer bestowed upon others so that we need something better, but because we have nothing better - a perfect template of Love Himself; when He bore excruciating pain and sufferings on the cross to redeem us from being slaves to Sin and slaves in Hell.

We therefore no longer love for value’s sake, but for Love’s sake. We no longer live merely for someone else but for God. This is what I call a true detachment from the world.