Thursday, September 14, 2006

Follow Him, all the way.

When I am weary, I remember what the psalmist said in Psalm 103:14 – For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust.

Yet, when I think of the battles lay before us to fight, I find it hard not to lay my spiritual swords and helmets of salvation aside.

For if God has delivered us from darkness and transferred us to the Kingdom of His beloved Son, (Colossians 1:13); then it must be so that our worldview faces a drastic change. How can we claim to love the Lord when the lure of earthly status and comforts beckon?

If Christ were the firstborn of all creation, in which all things were created through Him and for Him; and in Him all things hold together (Colossians 1:16-17), how can we claim that the world is Christ’s, without holding out our consciences as citizens of Christ’s Kingdom outside the walls of our churches?

So, to the young generation of the Malaysian Church,

The saying is trustworthy, for: If we have died with him, we will also live with him; if we endure, we will also reign with him; if we deny him, he also will deny us; if we are faithless, he remains faithful-- for he cannot deny himself.
(2Ti 2:11-13)

“So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart”.
(2Ti 2:22)

Choose your battles wisely, and fight them to your deaths for the sake of Christ.

*This post marks the end of bohtea’s run. The writer expresses her heartfelt appreciation for friends and readers. Your visits to this blog provided much encouragement and inspiration. Nevertheless, there are other battles out there worth fighting for, and the writer wants to move on; with the grace and guidance of God, to these battlefields as much as they are harvest fields.

Peace by the Lord Jesus Christ to all.


Anonymous alwyn said...

Fight the good fight, :)

9:46 PM  
Blogger jacksons said...

(regular reader)

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Jason Loh Seong Wei said...

Aieyaa ...

Ok lor ... Our Good Lord bless and guide you.

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Simeon said...

Why?!!!....Just kidding...Your blog will be missed.

9:46 PM  
Blogger BK said...

Sad to see you go, and thanks for the reminders.

10:12 PM  
Blogger Sze Zeng said...

bye bye!

4:52 PM  
Blogger fooji said...

where u going?
anyway, ur jottings are some of the best i've ever read....
continue writing even if not blogging......

2:43 PM  
Blogger The Hedonese said...

Happy New Hunting Grounds :)

1:48 PM  
Anonymous johnny said...

me gonna miss this blog..

2:17 AM  
Anonymous ruyom said...

A good friend who emigrated used to tell me that he has better things to do with his life rather than to stick around in Malaysia with those 'worms' - used to argue with him, as I was sure I wanted to return to Malaysia.

Presently although I remain a Malaysian, I have better things to do with my life now that I am a faculty member in a Japanese university - have pretty much lost hope in that the worms will rot away but instead they got worse……….move on, fellow Malaysians, to new grounds where you can excel and be happy. Malaysia is sinking and there is not much one can do about it.

I have a Sikh lady friend who emigrated this month (for good) to the US to start her own business with her husband who is also a Malaysian. She is a graduate and a consultant by profession. What a loss. It just bleeds my heart.

I am soon going to give up my Malaysian passport and my Malaysian IC. Why should I even fight when my hands are tied behind my back with ISA? What is there to fight for when where is left of Malaysia being after raped and pillaged by politicians? How can my voice be heard when the phantom voters outnumber my vote?

If you think I am ungrateful, go ahead. If you think I am a traitor, by all means. When 20 years down the road, I can see that my kids has all the opportunity in the world to do what they love, I am satisfied. Right now, I do not see Malaysia as the place that can give me that opportunity.

Plus: being a capitalist pig and a selfish person I am, it is cheaper for me right now to change to Australian citizenship than to update my Malaysian passport.

Yes, most of my colleagues and business friends are making preparations to emigrate. With their excellent professional qualifications they will have no problem going anywhere.

Yes, the mass exodus have begun, I don't think our leaders will change. The future for non-malays here are bleak. Our forefathers came here with only the clothes on their back. Our Chinese people are hardworking people. No matter where we go we will survive and excel.

So, good luck to all non-malays planning to leave. Let us give 100% equity of Malaysia to the malays. They need it, especially the Umno malays.

I had made a survey of friends - the answer is very straight cut, i.e. try to advise the younger generations to leave Malaysia - definitely the coming generation of the Chinese will suffer. Some even said it is better to go back to colonial time if allowed rather than ruling by people who are stupid than us.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous aston said...

We have the tallest, longest, largest, greatest, grandest, biggest, everything; and now some record breaking events, falling, collapsing, cracking, bursting, break-downing incidents in new buildings. It is only the beginning.

9:00 PM  
Anonymous vesewe said...

Look inwards within Malaysia, mate, and you will find so much unfairness against the non-malays and by default non-Muslims. The country has turned to rat shit in my opinion.

Malaysia had so much potential but it has been wasted by the inapt, incompetent, mindless people running it.

When a university like University Malaya (UM) has a policy of discrimination in its enrolment, there is every likelihood that the administrative and management policies are flawed with discrimination.

This can be seen by their employment of only one race monopolising the teaching staff. When such a situation takes place most of the staff are employed not based on merit but by cronyism and nepotism.

The end result is the sacrifice of quality in the institution of higher learning. Many of the lecturers in UM are educated in the malay medium and it is unlikely they can excel in an English medium of instruction.

UM is a white elephant which has lost its direction and purpose. It would be a fitting finale to just close the institution and focus its resources with other notable private universities.

One thing I'd like to see is that all policies are discussed openly and public opinion is invited. Traditionally it is done secretively by a select number of administrators and educators. Hence the mismatch of what the public wants versus what the politicians want.

Pak Lah government is a government of homilies and zero on walking the talk.

The main purpose is to ensure those close to Umno make money as the people are there to be squeezed. The citizens interest is never in the equation.

With this kind of attitude and way of administering the country and GLCs, we can foretell a detour of Vision 2020!

What a joke of the country! Add another 30 years and we are no closer to achieving the vision, or is it illusion?

All I can say is people reap what they sow. They voted for the BN and so this is what they get. I feel these people who voted for the BN have no right to complain, they asked for it! Now they have brought distress and troubles to the rest of us who didn't voted for the BN.

These talk are lip service and at best a bandage on the issues and problems. At the core of the issues is really corruption, and at the core of the corruption is low wages and no meritocracy, and at the core of the low wages is the NEP.

So long as the NEP exist, it condones corruption and special treatment, and hence allow the government abuse. Even with the best of intention without a systematic treatment, we will see abuse, whether it is public or in private.

Malaysia ministers are living like the kings of olden India. Many of them are worth millions.

If the government is sincere in being prudent with spending, it should adopt a multi-prong approach to keeping down inflation. It should avoid extravagance and curb corruption.

As long as we have BN as a ruling party, we will not see a corruptionless, efficient and trustworthy government. Just look at Umno, I cannot find a clean leader.

All are corrupted and waiting for their turn to make big money with cuts. Pak Lah can go on and preach the kampung folks about being prudent in spending but the same will not be bought by others.

Pak Lah is a man full of words, words, words, words and words. Nothing more and nothing less. A good and nice guy but good for nothing. This may go on until he retired. Let us wish him all the best for his future words.

A country needs just one leader to bring it down the drain and it seems we have the prime minister to do just that!

We need total change in the political scenario. Mahathir mentality and Mahathir regime of corrupt practise must vanish from the political scene. Malaysia needs a sincere visionary to move forward towards a clean government.

It is no wonder that there is a crisis in our higher education. It is time the government has an outside independent, maybe even foreign party make an assessment.

If you don't know how bad the problem is, there is no way you can fix it. I think the problem is very very severe. I think the problem is so bad that the government find it politically sensitive to reveal it, which is why the independent report want to see, is being made an official secret.

Seriously we may actually be lucky to have only 60000 unemployed graduates. In the real meritocracy world, we could be looking at hundreds of thousands.

Having said that, the Malaysia dilemma does not only stem from the fallacy of NEP but also, it seems, the apparent blissful ignorance that we have incorporated into our working culture.

We have to admit that in Malaysia we have bad corporate culture. As such places like university do work without any solid model and consultation. We remain 'deaf' to many issues. This leaks into our daily life as well.

Just look at the banks, the police forces, the schools. It is safe to say that nobody really cares about their work in the way they should. It is apparent that people take up jobs and not careers. There is no pride whatsoever in doing anything.

Bad corporate culture! One word: Ignorance.

This simply, is a direct symptomatic and reflection of the fact that Malaysians lives are, from all angles, in danger.

Power abuses, potentially high inflationary pressures blowouts, poor personal safety and national security, poor international relations, low educational standards, institutionalised corruptions, government-linked companies scandals, financial bailouts, being overrun by uncontrolled illegal immigrants………..and so-on-and-so-forth.

This administration, unfortunately inherited a very, very sick country. Even terminally ill, receiving palliative care.

End game?

The moral decay is beyond the point of no return! Judgment: Malaysia is relegating to become a fourth world country. Vision 2020 has derailed!

God is very fair. Other countries have natural disasters, we have our ruin ministers.

When are we going to wake up? Thailand, China and even Vietnam are galloping ahead and we will end up eating dust that they kick up. Well, at least we may still be better than Ghana at this day.

Look out Nigeria or Ghana! Bolehland is hotly pursuing your title of most corrupt nation. Hooray! Malaysia Boleh!

I felt sorry for the people of Bolehland.

This is the result of gross lack of planning. Projects are approved on the run for various reasons. It is already costly to build. But it will be more costly, at least 3 times more, to repair and fix. This is a wastage of taxpayers money.

No one could be held responsible and accountable. I suppose no one cares for the ordinary people as long as there is money to be made.

If this happen in some of the under developing countries in Africa, one could understand. But to Malaysia……….something is seriously wrong - we have plenty of qualified and experienced people to ensure things are done reasonably well.

I call for a formulation of a 21st century New Economic Policy when the NEP runs out of term based exclusively on socio-economic grounds favouring the poor and disabled belonging to any group of Malaysians.

As a good leader and a decent human being, one got to do what is right and fair with morality and dignity. If not, the future generations to come will suffer and live with great shame of the behaviours and actions of their leaders.

It is high time to unite all Malaysians for a good cause. Enough is enough!

Did I always say this Pak Lah is a hopeless fellow? Since he came to power, Malaysians have been suffering and suffering and suffering.

Incomes have gone down and expenses have spiraled up. The parliament, the judiciary and Anti-Corruption Agency have become his dolls to play and the government has become more corrupted.

Many years ago, an enterprising group of businessmen went to see Mahathir about implementing an area pricing policy to discourage single-occupant vehicles from going into the city during peak hours. Mahathir told them that he couldn't do it without improving public transport first. Of course Mahathir was more concerned about the impact such a system would do to the sales of Proton cars.

The net result? Nothing was done to improve public transport.

Government force people buy local cars by making foreign cars look so expensive - and also encourage people to buy cars to support the dying industries. While at the other hand, ask people to spend wisely, save more fuel, or else our nation will become net importer of petroleum in year 2010……….so contradict.

What we are witnessing now is the legend of Robin Hood in Bolehland - robbing the poor to bail out the rich.

When will the breed of politicians be born, honest and conscientious, and made every effort for businessmen to invest not only to earn a reasonable return, but to achieve good things in life for the people?

No matter how you try to answer those questions above, the end conclusion is that this government is hiding something else from the people that will be injurious to their future if it is not tackled head on now.

Sigh……….the timing was really wrong on this one - really pissed off when Pak Lah said the money was going to be used to better public transportation, which just didn't make sense, especially when he stated that it was 'apparently lacking'.

A 4 billion ringgits save on the subsidy will only be wasted on public transportation. This is because the people have lost faith in the effectiveness of public transportation in this country.

Why? Simple, lazy ass commuter controllers, lazy ass bus drivers, who never keep to schedules, then blame everything on 'technical difficulty'.

If a commuter engineer can stand around the station doing nothing about it, that isn't a technical difficulty, that is a mental one.

Plus, since these public transportation companies never make a profit, they simply feed of the government, and never giving better service.

Put the 4 billion ringgits back in the subsidy, get the money from somewhere else! I know, take back all those ever-growing benefits to government workers, and use that for public transport.

All these years, the Umno administration has spawned cronyisms, muzzled the media from exposing the facts, ignored the plain language of uncompetitive realities, created can-do myths and carved bleeding shortcuts.

Now everyone pays the price.

So my colleague here goes to work by taking a train, bus, bicycle. Seem this would be our future. Owning a car would be a thing of a past in Vision 2020.

Better still, close down all the highway and use bullock cart, then we will assure our oil reserve will be there for the next thousand years.

Under this administration we are going backward and backward……….what a pity!

If it was in Thailand, Philippine or Indonesia, there could have been a military coup. Unfortunately, these security forces like the police have become impotent.

Only peoples power can set things right. Throw the BN government out. Otherwise, the future of our children will be condemned.

50 years is enough!

Malaysians deserve to be treated like this. But it will be forgotten after a while until another increase of price take place. In Malaysia the government like to bully the people because the people have no will power to boycott.

Since most of us are perceive to be living in luxurious by the Malaysia government, the government think we will accept the fact after a while. A call for boycotting Petronas will fall on deaf here because simply the people have no will power.

Can anyone tell me any boycott events which have been successful in the past? To my best knowledge - nothing!

Then all this anger should be known by the government and the government must be sensitive because the voters are utter rubbish.

History has proven again and again that BN government is the great actor and great liar. But the people keep on vote for them again and again because it seems we have no choice. What you mean we have no choice! It is not we have no choice, but we are fear of change and like to remain status quo.

Until the people willing to take up radical and revolutionary changes, the government shall always take us for ride. They understand us very well but we still do not understand them after nearly 50 years.

No wonder Malaysia universities produce unemployable graduates.

50 years is enough!

Corruption is already a culture in Malaysia society. There are too many cases to be dealt with. This is not unexpected. The system is run by fools like most of the ministers.

Let said with government-linked companies (GLCs) losing billions of taxpayers money through gross mismanagement, political appointments of unaccountable chief executive officers (CEOs) and rampant corruption, the government should not expect sympathy from the people.

Giving the government more money when it fails time and again, is no different than feeding an addict.

If we want to blur the demarcation between politics and religion in a plural society such as ours, then the result will be bad governance and division as we continue to witness in our beloved country.

Crimes, inflation, rising illegal immigrants and worsening unemployment are testimonies of a worst case scenario.

With the incorrigible, intransigent and power crazy people still around and with myopic belief from the opposition, there won't be any changes in the political scene in Malaysia for another 50 years……….if these inveterate people and recalcitrant are still around!

The problem is intractable, as long as we are a nation divided along race and religion. That is the colonial strategy which has worked wonders for BN.

We have to come together on common ground, and that means all Malaysians - Chinese, Iban, Indian, Kadazan, Malay, and Senoi etc.

It is time for the government of the day to change their policies before the electorates who voted them into power are plunged into a crisis. Otherwise, it is time for the people to change and choose new leaders.

Good luck Malaysians. You are in for a tough time!

9:04 PM  
Anonymous molisa said...

Malaysia being in such a sad state, I can only see decline for decades to come.

May be even for centuries.

May be the rise of China can give the bright sparks of Malaysia some leverage to change society, but I doubt whether the ingrained culture of failure can be reversed.

Not the UK, not the US, not in most parts of the world, the culture of failure always reproduced itself generation after generation.

Change has to come from external influence and not from the inside.

9:16 PM  
Anonymous kok said...

Lim Keng Yaik questioned why after 36 years, malay equity ownership was still 18.9%.

In 2004, Morgan Stanley issued a report that estimated there over 100 billion US dollars (360 billion ringgit) had been lost to malay patronage (NEP) in the 20 years preceding 2003 (1984 to 2003).

One economist estimates that in the 36 years of its existence, the NEP has been used to channel over one trillion ringgit to the malay community through ASB, ASN and all related government policies.

Since 1970, the government has used the NEP to covet education, employment and every other conceivable benefit to the malays. These measures have largely been successful with all the top posts in GLCs, government, public listed companies, universities and practically every single area that the government has any control over being reserved for one race

The chief setbacks of the abuses of NEP are ineffectual bureaucracy, perverted social values, rampant corruption and cronyism, retarded economic growth, thwarted economic competitiveness, unrelenting brain drain, warped educational system and worsening racial polarization. Such anachronistic and regressive policy has no place in the present globalize world, and for that matter, in any civilized society.

This greed is not going to end. We as a nation of loyal citizens have to put a dent into this rubbish for the sake of our children.

9:19 PM  
Anonymous tim said...

Yes, Ghani is right. I belong to the Chinese community with a heritage of 5000 years of culture and history.

I would not want to be included in the category of Bangsa Malaysia because that will diminish my glorious heritage. I would prefer to call myself Chinese rather then Bangsa Malaysia.

Your malay civilisation is hardly 300 years if we take the Malacca sultanate as the starting point. So you please stick with your pivotal malay race and I with my pivotal Chinese race.

9:23 PM  
Anonymous yuking said...

The very foundation of Umno are lies - lies about May 13 riot, lies about secularity of constitution, lies about special rights, lies about supremacy of court, and of course lies about the NEP.

How can our accountability and transparency not be limited by the very lies of the foundation of our governance?

9:26 PM  
Anonymous samp said...

The writer shows a serious lack of knowledge and understanding of the role of MCA in the pre-independence era. Not only was MCA was a political tool of the British colonial power, other Alliance parties like MIC and Umno were also political tools of the British.

The British made use of MCA, MIC and Umno to fight the Malay Left and the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) in order to protect its economic interests in the then Malaya.

The Chinese were confined to various Chinese new villages under the Briggs' plan to curb the influence of the communist party. MCA was then granted a licence to run the Million Dollar lottery scheme by the British authority to make easy money from the Chinese community. In return, the MCA had to use part of the profit to win the hearts of the Chinese in the new villages. This strategy worked well to serve the interests of the British master during the pre-independence days.

When the time has come to give independence to Malaya, the British kept its promise by working only with Umno, MCA and MIC. On the other hand, the real independence fighters, including some prominent Malay Left leaders, were arrested and locked up in prisons. And the war against the MCP continued with greater intensity.

But true leader like Tan Cheng Lock were sidelined by other MCA and Umno leaders in the run up to the independence negotiations. Cheng Lock had promised the Chinese community to present the general demands of the Chinese community to the British. But he was barred from attending the final round of talks in London. The MCA was represented by HS Lee and Tan Tong Hai.

According to the late Tunku Abdul Rahman (in one of his writings), Tan Tong Hai threw the entire general demands document into a wastepaper basket in a London hotel room instead of bringing it up at the negotiation table. That is the reason why I often tell the young people that the betrayal of MCA could be traced back to its inception. As a result of this unforgivable sell-out, Chinese Malaysians were treated like second-class citizens in our land. The Chinese were stuck with the 'non-bumis' label thanks to MCA.

It is people like Leong Yew Koh who instigated Tunku to strip the citizenship and teaching licence of foremost Chinese education pioneer Lim Lian Geok. Check with Loot Ting Yee. He is one of the mother tongue education pioneers who can verify my story.

The entire history of MCA is filled with betrayals, crimes and sins. They have failed to preserve and protect the interests and rights of the Chinese community which they have claimed to represent.

Take a closer look at these scandals - the deposit-taking-cooperative scandal, the Aik Hua Holdings scandal, the Chang Min Thien Fund scandal, the MCA JE Fund scandal, it is a never-ending list. And guess what? Most of the victims of these scandals were MCA members and supporters.

Mind you, it was MCA leaders that instigated the closure of the original Bai Xiao (SJKC Damansara) in Petaling Jaya. It was also the efforts of SOS Damansara Action Committee and the pressure mounted by DAP, DongJiaoZong and the entire Chinese community that brought about the unprecedented speedy construction of the new SJKC Damansara in Tropicana.

It is a great shame that MCA leaders do not even bother to get accreditation for the certificates, diplomas and degrees courses offered by TAR College (TARC). Recently, a young Malaysian Chinese boy's application was rejected by the Royal Malaysian Police simply because the academic qualifications he obtained from the MCA sponsored TARC were not recognised by both National Accreditation Board and Public Service Department.

Under the current MCA leadership, the Chinese community can only request for a new Chinese primary school when one is 'dead'. And all these years, the allocation of funds for Chinese primary schools remains unfair and unjust; only about 2.4% of the total budget is given to the Chinese stream and about 1% given to the Tamil stream. The rest was all given to the malay (national type) primary schools. None of the MCA 'tai kohs' (mainly Chinese educated) dare to make noise on this subject.

Yes, Lee Kuan Yew was not totally wrong. The Umno-led BN government has been systematically marginalising the Chinese and other non-malay communities. And what did MCA leaders like Chan Kong Choy and Ong Ka Ting do about it? And why were they keeping so timidly quiet when Umno ultras like Hisham and Khairy make all sorts of racist remarks and even waved a keris time and again shamelessly?

MCA is indefensible. That is why none of the MCA leaders dare to show up for the debate in Machap. And for the same reason, none of them have the courage to rebut me on all the historical facts I raised in my book entitled 'Accomplice? Coward? Culprit? The role of MCA in the Chinese community'.

9:29 PM  
Anonymous vovo said...

The facts:

(1) Negritos are the first inhabitants in this land

(2) Proto malays came from Yunan in China

(3) Deutro malays came from Indonesia

(4) Malays are Hindus/Buddhists for 2000 years

(5) Harun and Razak plot the 1969 riot

(6) Social contract rewriting after 1969 riot

(7) Bumis term never exist before 1969 riot

(8) lie - Blame Chinese control economic 70%

(9) lie - Blame Chinese/Tamil schools for national disunity

(0) lie - Blame Singapore government suppress malays

(Many more.)

9:31 PM  
Anonymous shinwee said...

Yes, if you take up a two years vocational course in New Zealand, your family could follow you to go while you could work there after finishing studies. It is not difficult to study, then work and get a PR in New Zealand.

Basically, Indian and Chinese and other ethnic groups in Malaysia are peaceful, hardworking excel, economically and academically.

The presently ruling party does not appreciate for what non-malays have done. Even Oxford graduate like Khairy said Penang businesses have been dominated by non-malays. He thought setting up businesses is free and running it also easily.

Why doesn't he set up in Penang many businesses like motor and car workshops, supermarkets, sundry shops, saloons, real estates agency, electrical chain shops, etc……….?

Those who could emigrate just emigrate. Nothing is wrong. Survival of the fittest meaning - if you don't like to stay on in Malaysia. Just go. Go where you like if you are mobile and a professional.

Those who are less fortunate, they have to stay back and fight economically and to survive in this. They are still many non-malay politicians in this country who would still do their work peacefully for people without showing sword or keris.

There are still kind opposition parties members who dare to risk their lives to report to the passive and inefficient Malaysia police to 'sedition'. All these opposition parties members do not want to see racial riot again to happen. So, they have done a good and brave job to upkeep peace in Malaysia.

It does not matter if you are younger or over 30 years old, sell your house, car and pool all money to go to New Zealand. This country would welcome immigrants who have skilled. Their immigration department has not mentioned about age limit. In Australia, to migrate based on skill is below 45 years old.

If you have vocational qualification, you could also work in New Zealand. If you do not have qualification, study vocational certificate would be the shortcut and good prospect due to shortage of skills there.

But those who has money like A$700000, you could put this money into Australia government bond and earn interest while you would get a provisional business visa (leading to PR) to live and work and study in Australia for whole family. So, send your money to Australia if you have that amount! Age is not a problem for this business visa.

So, send your money out and retire in Australia is a good option for your children education - universities in Australia are good ranking and fair.

It is easy to get PR in New Zealand. Once you have got a PR of New Zealand, you could always to Australia.

In New Zeland and Australia, you could work full time during holiday and during school days, you could work part time.

Yes, go to enroll a vocational course like mechanic, electrician, air-con etc. You could always work part time during study days. During long holiday, go to work full and collect money.

Even if you work part time in New Zealand, your total monthly salary would still higher than you would get in Malaysia. So, go for it!

Pool money to show you are going to study for first year. If English is a problem, study English as a start for several months there before starting vocational course.

Vocational qualification is high demanded in New Zealand and Australia.

You just need to pool (sell your property or borrow) first year money to study in New Zealand. New Zealand has a lower living cost and you just need to have a vocational certificate to work in New Zealand and lead to permanent resident. You could also bring your family members who might be able to work there too.

Yes, work overseas, so that less paying taxes to Malaysia government.

Yes, send your children to study overseas, after all local public universities are of low ranking. At least send your children to Singapore universities which are of higher ranking.

But in New Zealand, you don't need to study university to work and stay on. Just choose vocational course. Send this info to all your friends.

It is easy to work in New Zealand and Australia now. Those who have the below could apply visa to work in New Zealand and Australia quite easy.

1. Nurse
2. IT
3. Engineering degrees
4. Doctor
5. Almost all vocational, trade or polytechnic certificates
6. Accountant (ACCA degree from New Zealand or Australia)

Salary is often higher than you could get in Malaysia for any jobs. In New Zealand, minimum wage is NZ$45000 per year while in Australia is about A$39000 per year.

Be prepared to sit for IELTS. You just need to send your transcript for assessment and have IELTS to apply visa. You could sit for International English Language Test System at British Council.

For those who are without qualification, just go to New Zealand is the best option because of lower living cost and enroll for vocational course would qualify to work and to residency.

When you get New Zealand residency, you could always go to Australia to work.

Opposition could start this campaign by reusing the independent university fund. Select some poor students to study in New Zealand and Australia. Lobby those Chinese conglomerates to donate to the trust fund.

Hope those entrepreneurs would each one considers to sponsor one non-malay guy or girl to study in New Zealand or Australia. Condition must be from poor family and none of their family members have studied in New Zealand or Australia or elsewhere.

In this way after graduating, this young man or girl could work there (should be the job on demand occupation list). Then after graduating so, this young man or girl could apply for PR there and have family bridging to bring their family to go over there.

Yes, crime is on the rise in Malaysia couple with millions of illegal immigrants and previously admitted immigrants from neighbouring country (many of them carry red identity cards).

So, plan well and if you possess vocational, university or polytechnic degree, you could easily apply for work visa to work in New Zealand (no age mentioned) or Australia (provided under 45 years old).

It is worth to sacrifice ourselves to protect our loved one (family members, good friends and relatives). This mean, go to work and raise our young child or children in an unbiased country and safer country like New Zealand. At least Australia has anti discrimination law and if you excel academically, you would get the course you would like to have.

9:35 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger 休息 said...

錢,給你帶來歡愉的日子,但不給你帶來和平與幸福 ..................................................

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha~ funny! thank you for your share~ ........................................

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